Our Experts


Shopping for a cigar? Our knowledgeable staff is here to help!  Whether you’re an established aficionado looking to sample a new brand, or a novice wanting to try your first cigar, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Introducing Najib Rizk

najibQ: How long has Le Cigar been open?

A: “August 2000”

Q: When/how was it started?

A: “I always smoked cigars and I loved everything about cigars. It’s a whole different world.  I wanted to not only smoke a cigar, but to enjoy other people’s company smoking a cigar. So, Le Cigar was born.”

Q: What was your first cigar? 

A: “Ashton VSG”

Q: Current favorite cigar?

A: “This is a very hard question. I love a variety of different selections because cigar smoking is affected by time, location, and mood.”

Q: Are you the younger or older brother?

A: “Older, but I look younger. Don’t you think?”

Q: What brought you into this current location?  

A: “I love Dearborn and have always lived here. I wanted the cigar bar to be in the center of the downtown community, for not only friends and family, but for fellow Dearbornites to be able to enjoy.”

Introducing Mo Rizk 

MoQ: What was your first cigar?

A: “Paul Garminian”

Q: What’s your current favorite cigar? 

A: “Paul Garminian, but also it depends on the mood and setting.”

Q: Are you the younger or older brother?

A: “Younger, AND I look younger. Don’t you think?”

Q: When can people find you at Le Cigar?

A: “Most of the time, during the day.  If we didn’t mention it, we make killer cappuccino in the morning when we open.”